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All of our honey is from the nectar of flowers which contain pollen components that bloom at different times which creates different color and taste. We will usually extract our honey in May, June, July, and August. Each pull is a result of the flowers that were in bloom. We also don’t blend our seasonal honey or mass produce using corn syrup or simple sugars.

Below are some of the different Long Island flowers that our bees tend to visit most which creates its unique flavors.

SACRED SPRING - The spring honey, primarily from the nectar of black locust trees, fruit trees, wisteria, dandelion and clovers is of the highest quality. The color is very light and delicate, and is very popular with many people.

SUMMER SOLSTICE - The summer honey, primarily from nectar of linden trees, basswood, sumac blossoms, and sunflowers have the classic amber color and wonderful flavor.

AUTUMN FALL - The autumn honey, primarily from goldenrod and fall asters, buckwheat and knotweed is a rich dark color and strong bold taste. Said to be especially extra rich in anti-oxidants.